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Page Creation/Editing

After creating an account, you will assigned the role of 'Viewer'. To become a contributor/editor, you are required to submit your proposed contribution to ''.

If you request is approved, you account will be upgraded to 'Editor' status.

This will allow you to do the following:
- Create pages
- Edit pages
- Upload, edit, and delete images
- Create, edit, and delete your personal comments (feature not yet enabled)

Page Creation Steps:

  1. To create a page, click the 'Encyclopedia' box on the website's main page. Then, click the relevant book. Next, on the right-side of the browser window, you will see an option to add a 'New Page'.

  2. After clicking the 'New Page' option, a new set of options will appear on the right-side of the browser window.
    Here, you can add tags and choose from default templates.

  3. When creating a new page, it will initially be saved in a draft form, as indicated by a blue bar on the book's main page.
    In order to publish the page, you must click 'Save Page' on the right-side of the page's editing window. Next to this is also the option to add comments to the changelog.

  4. At present, it is not possible to delete pages. If you would like a page deleted, then please send an e-mail to ''. Please note that pages may also be deleted at the sole discretion of the founder in order to preserve the integrity of the encyclopedia. In cases of malicious creation, this will be done as soon as possible. Where there is a dispute about whether a page should be included, then an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address registered on your account. You will then have 15 days to respond before the page is removed.